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Level 1-90 Questing

Honorbuddy is the first of its kind to make level 1-90 questing possible. Using community supported profiles level from 1-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-85 and 85-90 completing hundreds of quests.

The Most Powerful Features

The most advanced wow bot available, Honorbuddy can sell, repair, mail, train, pvp, gather, accept and complete quests and much more. With free community supported plugins you can automate almost anything in World of Warcraft.

Complete Automation

With its wide featureset Honorbuddy can completely automate your character. Quest from levels 1-90, Level your professions from 1-600, and PVP in battlegrounds to earn the best gear. Download any of its plugins to do even more..

Warden Secured

Honorbuddy has robust security to keep itself undetected by Blizzard\'s Warden. It uses a Tripwire system, which instantly closes Honorbuddy if a change in Warden is found, among various other security measures.