NOW AVAILABLE! - 1 Day Honorbuddy Trial! 0.98 €

Q: What is Honorbuddy?

A: Honorbuddy is our bot for World of Warcraft. It quests, grinds, pvps, gathers, sells, repairs, mails, trains, uses flightpaths and more. Visit our “Honorbuddy” page to learn more!

Q: Is the wow bot detected?

A: The bot is not currently detected. Honorbuddy has a tripwire system that automatically disables the bot if warden (wow’s anti-cheat) changes in a way that could affect Honorbuddy.

Q: How much does the bot cost?

A: The bot costs 9.98 per month, or 49.98€ per year to use. You can purchase it regardless of what currency you use. You can use a site like to see what it will cost in your local currency.

Q: Why not XXX other wow bot?

A: No other wow bot available can do as much as Honorbuddy can, from fully automated questing, to selling, navigating anywhere in the game world, repairing, mailing, training, as well as gathering and farming battlegrounds.

Q: What operating systems will Honorbuddy work with?

A: We currently support the following operating systems:

Windows XP
Vista 32 & 64 Bit
Windows 7 32 & 64 Bit
No Mac OS support (Use bootcamp/VMWare/Parallels etc)

Q: How can I get help with the bot?

A: Once you purchase, use the link in the email you receive to  log-in to the official honorbuddy forums for support.