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What is Honorbuddy?

Honorbuddy is an advanced wow bot for automating any aspect of the game. Honorbuddy can quest from levels 1-90, grind, farm honor through battlegrounds, and gather ore and herbs to earn thousands of gold per day. Additionally, Honorbuddy can fight intelligently, interact with NPCs, use flight masters, accept and complete quests, sell, repair, train, mail and even more with the help of community supported plugins.

WoW Bot Features

  • Level 1-90 Questing
  • Level 1-90 Grinding
  • Level 10-90 PVP Farming & Leveling
  • Mining 1-600, Herbalism 1-600, Skinning 1-600
  • Archeology 1-600
  • Powerful Community Supported Fighting Classes
  • Sells, Repairs, Mails, Use Flight Masters, Trains, and more..
  • Uses Ground Mounts (Flying Mounts with Paid Plugin Key)
  • Download Free Plugins to add more features to Honorbuddy
  • Flying Support
  • Utilizes a smart “mesh” navigation system and can navigate to any point in the world
  • Constantly calculates the fastest route to get to its location
  • Honorbuddy’s tripwire technology detects Warden changes and can close your bot if necessary


Our wow bot works on x32 and x64 based systems. Operating system support includes Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you are a mac user you will need to boot into Windows through Bootcamp or use an application such as Parallels or VMWare.