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honorbuddy-bot-3 Honorbuddy’s Plugin System is an easy way for the developers to harness the power of the community to add even more functionality to Honorbuddy. With plugins like Guild Inviter, Rare Killer, LazyRaider, and PoolFishingBuddy you can accomplish just about anything with this wow bot.

Popular Honorbuddy Plugins

  • Guild Inviter – Automatically invite others to join your guild
  • Rare Killer – Hunt rare mobs like the Time Lost Proto Drake or Blazewing
  • Lazyraider – Automate Raids
  • PoolFishingBuddy – Fish pools & Fish generally
  • AIMLBuddy – Respond to whispers Intelligently

How do Honorbuddy’s Community Plugins Work?

These user made plugins are available freely on the Honorbuddy forum for download. To install a plugin, simply extract it to your Honorbuddy plugins folder, and enable it within the bot. These plugins are written using the Honorbuddy API which makes just about any task possible.

Why Use Plugins?

Plugins for the wow bot allow the community to implement many features into the bot that the core development team would not have time to develop or update. With the plugins system, each plugin developer essentially becomes part of the bot team. In any wow bot without plugin support you simply won’t find features like responding to whispers, hunting of rare mobs, or raiding support.