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Want to level through PVP, or farm honor to gear up? We’ve got you covered. Our WoW PVP bot mode can automatically queue for, and take part in any battleground, from Alterac Valley to Battle for Gilneas. And this isn’t some basic anti-afk script. Honorbuddy navigates intelligently through battlegrounds, calculating the quickest path to its goal. It fights, attacks contested points, defends, and caps flags – all on autopilot.

Honorbuddy PVP Features

  • Supports All Battlegrounds (WSG, AB, AV, EotS, SotA, IoS, BoG, TP)
  • Can navigate to any point in battlegrounds
  • Smart Combat using Honorbuddy Custom Classes
  • Dedicated Healer support for many classes
  • Can Attack Points, Defend Points, and Cap Flags intelligently
  • Runs indefinitely, earning you thousands of Honor per day

Why Bot in Battlegrounds?

  • Leveling a New Character
  • Completing Battlegrounds is now a great source of EXP for leveling a character without questing or grinding. Not only that, but by the time you reach 85 you’ll be able to purchase a full set of top tier PVP armor.

  • Farming PVP Gear
  • After you reach level 85 on your latest character you’ll be asking yourself “now what?” Farming battlegrounds is a fast way to get top quality gear to propel yourself into raids and endgame content. With Honorbuddy capable of farming thousands of honor per day you’ll be able to gear up fast without spending thousands of gold on BoE items, or running dailies for weeks on end.

WoW Battleground Bot’s Farming

While you may think you are familiar with pvp bots in World of Warcraft you likely are not. You probably know of the “bot” that stands at the entrance of any battleground and jumps every minute or so to avoid going AFK. WoW PVP bots have moved on. Honorbuddy is the most fully featured, and intelligent PVP bot you are likely to find on the net. It fights smartly, dynamically generates a path to its goal, caps flags, and attacks and defends control points.

Honorbuddy’s mesh system maps out the entire battleground map and allows it to travel to any point with the most efficient route. Its combat system enables it to heal players, dispel, buff, make smart use of procs and generally fight intelligently. Its battleground logic enables it to cap flags in battlegrounds such as AB detect objectives which are being attacked and defend, or attack the opposite faction’s objectives. The WoW Battleground Bot’s AI makes it look just like a regular player, and likely play better than some.