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Battlegrounds in WoW can be an incredible bore. Once you’ve learned how to play them, and mastered the tactics, they essentially come down to how good of a team of losers you have vs the other losers. Since battlegrounds are so team focused, if you’re stuck with a bunch of idiots, you have no chance at all, no matter how well you do yourself.

Unfortunately honor is still one of the faster ways to gear up, so if you want to progress fast or gear out in some sweet PVP gear, battlegrounds are the way to go. But what if there was another way to get honor without any of the grind?

World of Warcraft Battleground Bot

A World of Warcraft AFK bot is a program that generally keeps your character from going AFK in a battleground so you can complete battlegrounds while you do other things, whether it’s browse the web, eat a snack, or get out of the house.

But what about AFK debuffs? Unfortunately, WoW AFK bots became a little too prevalent and Blizzard put a stop to them. If you try to AFK bot today it’s almost guaranteed that some snob will debuff you and kick you out of a bg.

World of Warcraft PVP Bot

What’s the solution? A full fledged PVP bot, one that handles queuing, fighting, navigation, or even healing in battlegrounds. While most players can spot a simple AFK bot from miles away you’ll never be suspected of botting with a full battleground bot.

World of Warcraft PVP bots behave much like real players and will navigate around battleground, attacking, defending, and patrolling. Your bot will make full use of your class abilities, whether you are melee, dps, or healer. As a healing class, the bot can even heal other players on your team for you.

I personally got tired of grinding the same battlegrounds for hours, just for another piece of PVP gear. And I felt entirely useless because no matter how well I did it came down to the skill of my team. While I originally started by using a WoW AFK Bot, I started getting AFK debuffs and messages from GMs, and quickly switched to a battleground bot. Since then I’ve gotten my full set of PVP gear and farm upwards of 10,000 honor per day.

Rather then using a World of Warcraft AFK bot I advise using Honorbuddy, which is generally regarded as the best overall leveling and PVP/battleground bot.

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