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A world of warcraft bot can be used to level up your character, grind out gold, harvest ore or herbs, and automate player vs player content like battlegrounds.

These bots let you get away from the computer and skip the grind that makes up world of warcraft. With one of these bots you can quickly advance your character, or an alt through content, make thousands of gold on autopilot per day, powerlevel a profession from 1-450, or run battlegrounds to gear out in the best available for your character while other players spend their evenings and weekends hunched in front of a PC grinding daily quests for gold or running battleground ceaselessly just for a few thousand more honor.

Contrary to what you might have heard, a world of warcraft bot is quite safe to use, and many people have been botting for years on the same account without a ban. The people generally banned for botting are Chinese farmers using archaic botting scripts and running 20 instances of wow from their Chinese IP. These people run their bots 24/7 and their only concern is to sell off enough gold to make a profit with an account before it is banned.

World of Warcraft Bot Features

World of Warcraft Bots have more features then ever today then ever before. Not only is their protection better against warden, with your bot checking a server which monitors warden (blizzard’s anti-cheat) for dangerous updates. Other newer features include full background mode, meaning you can use your computer normally while you bot, as well as custom classes and plugins, which are community created “combat classes” and plugins that replace the built in classes and add functionality to the bot. With these your bot has incredible new features like intelligently responding to whispers and better, faster, fighting.

Most bots are so good today that if configured well, they will not even be obvious as bots to other players. These bots grind, farm ore or herbs, navigate intelligently, and fight in battlegrounds. With user created plugins that let you monitor your bots easily, let them respond to whispers or jump at regular intervals, the possibilities are almost endless.

If you want to automate your game in anyway, or get away from WoW but keep progressing, making gold or gearing out your character there is no better time to start botting. You can purchase a bot, download it, join forums and get the best plugins or custom classes for it, and put your game on autopilot, all in a day’s work.

The Best World of Warcraft Bot

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