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WoW Glider was a traditional wow bot that used to be sold as a leveling and gold farming bot. It was the best bot at its time with powerful user created custom fighting classes and a powerful navigation system called ppather. However, it was shut down and development was stopped.

But bot development hasn’t stopped in world of warcraft, and even if you can’t get the wow glider bot today there are very competitive solutions out there. What if there was a bot that could put your game on full autopilot, with custom classes, user made plugins, a navigation system that has the entire game world already mapped, and even quests?

It’s now possible. Bots today are more powerful then the wow glider bot of old and can level you with one click from 1-60, farm gold, powerlevel professions and run battlegrounds. And they’re also incredibly safe with auto responses to whispers, web monitoring, auto logouts, and human-like navigation.

Bot security has improved in leaps and bounds from wow glider bot, with “tripwire” security against Blizzard’s warden. If a dangerous change in warden occurs, your bot immediately shuts down in order to keep you safe. This is a huge step up from older bots which do not check warden, and will only be updated with improved security after a banwave.

New improved bots better than the wow glider bot of old are perfect for people who want to farm gold, powerlevel a profession, fund a guild with ore and herbs, or level up a new main or alt. If you want to start a powerleveling, or gold selling service there is no better way to do it then with a wow bot, which can run in the background on your PC while you play other games, watch a movie, or browse the web. A bot is also great if you’re getting tired of the same recycled content when you’re leveling yet another character. If you want the best gear on your twink or alt, farm gold and buy it. There has never been a better time to bot in wow with much better bots, security, and more gold to farm then ever. Get Honorbuddy, a huge step up over the wow glider bot.

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