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Are you tired of grinding dailies, farming ore or herbs, or killing mobs for drops for hours? World of Warcraft can be incredibly grindy at times if you want to compete with the best gear, or keep a supply of consumables on you at all times. If you need more gold I recommend a WoW Gold Bot.

About WoW Gold Bots

A wow gold bot is designed to do what it says in its title – farm you lots and lots of gold. While everyone else wastes their evening running dailies and farming just to increase a virtual number by a few hundred, you can be watching a movie, playing games, or getting out of the house while your gold bot gets virtual currency for you.

A WoW Gold Bot is really quite simple. This sort of bot automates a task in game that makes you a lot of gold, quickly and reliably. One of the best ways to make gold right now, 24/7, is gathering ore and herbs. These are in high demand for crafters, and many players spend hours flying around zones gathering these. But you don’t have to.

You bot will gather these for you, filling up your inventory faster then most people can do it manually, since the bot has the fastest and most efficient gathering paths included. At the end of the day after letting your wow gold bot farm, you can sell your inventory full of raw materials to other players or on the auction house for phat profits. Many farmers make upwards of 2000g per day doing this. And they don’t even have to lift a finger.

How WoW Gold Bots Work

So how do wow gold bots work? These bots make use of your flying mount to follow the most efficient routes through zones and find ore and herbs. They gather them, and fight any mobs or players that attack you. Furthermore, at low armor durability the bot can automatically repair, as well as mail your loot off to a mule or deposit it in your own guild bank.

But what about safety, won’t this get my account banned? While blizzard doesn’t care much for botters, the chance of getting banned is actually quite low. As long as you follow the safety tips on the private botting forums and guide, and don’t bot 24/7 (a real player would never stay on for more then 8 hours) you’re generally quite safe. I myself have botted for over 2 years on one account without being banned to date. It’s generally only Chinese farmers using stolen accounts and risky software that are getting banned today.

If you are tired of the grind and looking to put your gold making on autopilot, be sure to check this wow gold bot out. It’s much safer then buying gold and puts you in command of your gold income.