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A wow quest bot is a automation program for world of warcraft that automates gameplay and completes quests to earn you EXP and gold. While wow bots are typically very basic, and only grind mobs repetitively to level up, a quest bot behaves much like a player and needs to be very intelligent to quest, level up, sell, repair, and run for hours on autopilot.
Questing in wow can be quite a chore. After you’ve leveled through a zone once, all the quests are old news and turn into a complete and utter grind to reach level 85. Imagine having a level 85 of every class on your account, ready to jump into a battleground, dungeon, or raid at a moment’s notice. With a wow quest bot this is possible, and you can take any character from level 1 to 85 in just a matter of weeks.

Features of a WoW Questing Bot

A world of warcraft quest bot understandably has to be very complex and intelligent to level up a character through questing. Quest bots can interact with quest givers, complete objectives, buy, sell, and even level professions. Some more complex questing bots can do things other than quest, such as PVP or soloing dungeons. If you are using a questing bot as opposed to a grinding bot there is also typically a much lower chance of being caught, as you are not grinding in the same area for days on end.

WoW Botting Safety

If you are considering using a bot in wow, safety is probably one of your top concerns. It is of course no fun to get caught botting. As the years have passed, bots have become more and more intelligent and advanced, and no longer rely on reading the pixels of your screen, or generic loops. Today, bots can react intelligently to situations, handle multiple mobs with ease, fight intelligently in PVP, and navigate around the game world in an inconspicuous manner. By questing, these bots do not trigger alarms by remaining in the same area grinding for hours on end, where it is likely that other players might notice and report them.

The Power of a WoW Questing Bot

Today with wow questing bots, people are able to level tons of alts faster than they dreamed possible, equip them with the best PVP gear by farming BGs, and then fill their pockets with gold by farming daily quests, soloing dungeons, and gathering ore and herbs. All of these things are possible with today’s quest bots, and makes world of warcraft more fun and enjoyable then ever.