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Honorbuddy’s archaeology wow bot mode is the perfect way to powerlevel your Archaeology skill from 1-600 and earn some of the most difficult to attain rares and epics in the game without lifting a finger.

WoW Bot Archaeology Features

  • Powerlevels Archaeology from 1-600
  • Navigates Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, and Northrend
  • Travels between digsites
  • Ground Mount Support
  • Flying Mount Support (With paid plugin key or Honorbuddy lifetime)
  • Solves Artifacts
  • Uses Keystones
  • Blacklists difficult Digsites
  • Trains Automatically when needed
  • Automatic Selling, Repairing, and Mailing

fossilized-raptor About Honorbuddy’s Archaeology Mode

FACT: Many of the rarest archaeology items can take hundreds of artifacts solved to get. While archaeology can be fun to do on occasion, attempting to attain some of the epic items like Fossilized Raptor and Zin’rokh from archaeology can take days of grinding at digsites to do. Honorbuddy’s Archaeology botting mode solves that, letting you sit back and relax while it flies between digsites, finding and solving artifact collections.

archeology-wow-bot-rares When running, Honorbuddy detects all active digsites on your map at the moment, generating a path to the nearest one and using your ground, or flying mount to navigate there. When it reaches a digsite, honorbuddy surveys and uses the theodolite information to locate the artifact piece. The wow bot can solve artifacts, and use keystones to help in the process. If you’re leveling archaeology, honorbuddy will head to the trainer to train up when you get close to your max skill.