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Free WoW Bot

July 29th, 2009 → 4:05 pm @ admin // No Comments

bot-level-upLooking for a free wow bot? WoWMimic is a world of warcraft bot for automating gameplay, leveling your character, and farming gold. WoWMimic is designed to be easy to use for any player, with numerous time saving and features that competing bots do not offer.

Free WoW Bot Features:

  • Free WoW Bot
  • Supports Every Class
  • Background Mode
  • Farming or Leveling
  • Mines, Gathers Herbs, Chests, and Skins
  • Sells, Buys, Repairs and Mails

With WoWMimic, you can level any character from 1-80 in a matter of days. Most free wow bots are buggy, broken, or easily detected by blizzard. With WoWMimic you know you are getting a quality bot. WoWMimic has a team developing the bot and monitoring warden at all times to ensure you stay safe. With this free wow bot you don’t have to worry about a ban from blizzard.

The free wow bot will make you thousands of gold per hour farming at 80. Farm for hours or days on end, with WoWMimic automatically vendoring, restocking items, and repairing for you. Come back to an inventory filled with rare items and epics. With the free wow bot you will never worry about farming gold again, whether it’s for raiding, powerleveling a profession, or getting a hot new item or mount. The free wow bot can even make you real money by selling gold to other players or gold buying sites. Gold can sell for up to $9/1000g. You can even make a living botting in wow!

The free wow bot offers the best features out of any bot. To learn more, see videos, and the full features list, check out wow bot!

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